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Tie Your Experiential Set or Exhibition Stand Together with the Help of a Skilled Prop Design and Construction Team in Sydney

Props aren’t just for theatre or film. On the contrary, when you are trying to create a particular scene, environment or mood—whether you are doing it as part of a retail store display, an exhibition presentation or even a fashion show—props can go a …read more.

Design a More Effective Entertainment Experience with the Help of Set, Prop and Costume Creators in Sydney

From film and television to professional and community theatre, all the way to commercials and promotional materials, aesthetic and detail play prominent roles the quality of the overall entertainment experience. Great actors and a strong script …read more.

Set the Scene with Professional Set, Prop and Costume Creation in Sydney

Whether you are putting on a theatrical show or trying to create a more effective exhibition stand for your business, investing in professional set building, prop design or even costume creation in Sydney could prove to be an invaluable investment. …read more.

Find out What You Need to Know about Your Set Construction Plans from Skilled Set Builders in Sydney

When it comes to putting together a complex experiential set—whether for entertainment, retail, promotion or some other application—a lot of planning must happen before the construction process can start. In some cases, though, companies build …read more.

Bring a Fictional Building to Life with Experienced Film Set Construction & Set Builders in Sydney from Creative Works Australia

The lights power up, the cameras start to roll, and the director calls “Action!” — and suddenly a page from the script leaps to life before your very eyes. A lot of different elements go into the creation of a film, from the writing and direction …read more.

Working on a Project and Need to Find a Photography Studio for Hire in Sydney? Call Creative Works Australia

Whether you’re a student of photography or a professional, you know that it’s important to have the ability to control the conditions in which you shoot carefully. From lighting and backdrops to having space where your models can prepare, the …read more.

What to Do When You Need Professional & Bespoke Costume Design Done in Sydney

For thousands of years, humans have donned costumes whether for their ritual significance or to play out acts of drama. Today the rich legacy and history of costuming plays a huge part in many areas of our culture around the world. From …read more.

How Creative Works Australia Can Help You Design a Custom Laser Skirmish Arena Built for Success

The lights are dim, the mood is intense, and two teams of players are stalking through the dark on the hunt for one another. Is there any game quite so thrilling as a laser skirmish? It’s seldom the case that any two arenas are alike either, making …read more.

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