Tie Your Experiential Set or Exhibition Stand Together with the Help of a Skilled Prop Design and Construction Team in Sydney

Props aren’t just for theatre or film. On the contrary, when you are trying to create a particular scene, environment or mood—whether you are doing it as part of a retail store display, an exhibition presentation or even a fashion show—props can go a long way towards making the experiential element of the scene more real. The more real the props, the more authentic the experience.

At Creative Works Australia, we want to help you achieve your project goals. We are a multifaceted production house based in Sydney, and we work with a wide range of clients from a broad smattering of industries. Our teams of set builders, costume makers and prop designers in Sydney can lend detail and authenticity to even the most complex ideas. Whether you are working on a film production, a retail installation, an exhibition stand, or even a custom laser tag arena, we have the skills to make it the best that it can be.

Using Props to Drive Retail Sales

The Creative Works team has worked on a variety of different prop construction projects in Sydney. Most often, we utilise our skills in this department for retail installations. Whether the job involves an elaborate Christmastime set design for a toy store or a simpler display for a clothing and apparel retailer, we can provide that extra element that makes the installation pop.

Visual merchandising is a huge boon for brick-and-mortar retailers these days. It’s no secret that today’s consumers do a lot of their shopping online. Because of this fact, retailers are in a tight spot where they need to be more creative in how they are marketing their products to customers. Visual merchandising is one of the most effective ways of drawing a customer into a store or making a customer who is already in the store want to pick up a product and make a purchase.

At Creative Works, our set designers and prop building teams in Sydney can help create stunning visual merchandising displays that sell. Obviously, a retailer’s products are always front and centre in these displays. However, our meticulous sets and beautiful props help to tie the experience together and tell the story. The result is an experiential display that pushes customers to imagine how a certain product might fit into their day to day lives. These moments of imagination are essential to driving in-store ‘impulse’ buys.

Learn More about Creative Works and Our Prop Design Team in Sydney

Visual merchandising is just one example of an area where having strong sets or props in Sydney might benefit your business. The Creative Works Australia team, though, is versatile. If you have a project where you think props would add an extra dimension to what you are trying to accomplish, we are happy to consult with you and see what we can do to help. To learn more about what we do, give us a call on (02) 9559 8992.

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