Find out What You Need to Know about Your Set Construction Plans from Skilled Set Builders in Sydney

When it comes to putting together a complex experiential set—whether for entertainment, retail, promotion or some other application—a lot of planning must happen before the construction process can start. In some cases, though, companies build first and ask questions later—sometimes ending up with sets that are over budget, unstable, or otherwise problematic.

At Creative Works Australia, we believe that the art of planning is a vital and undervalued step in the set construction process. With a sound plan in place—not just for the design of the project itself, but also for budget and timeframe—you have a better chance of getting the set you want at a price you can afford. Our set builders in Sydney understand this fact and will work with you from conceptualisation through implementation to ensure complete satisfaction.

From the Simple to Complex, Creative Works Can Handle Any Set Construction Project in Sydney

If you are thinking of hiring a set builder in Sydney, but aren’t sure your design idea is entirely feasible, remember that it can never hurt to call. At Creative Works, we welcome challenging projects, which means that even if your set concept has a massive scope or complicated moving components, we might still be able to help you. Just because something has never been tried before doesn’t mean it isn’t a great idea for a set, and we love pushing the boundaries of our field to come up with innovations or ground-breaking designs.

Therein lies the importance of planning and conceptualisation. When you call Creative Works, we will talk through your set idea with you. We will also discuss your budget and your timeframe. As a general rule, you can build any set given enough money and time, but that doesn’t mean every client will welcome a costly project that will take months to develop. By speaking with our set building team in Sydney from the get-go, you can determine whether your set concept is feasible given your needs. If it isn’t, we can help you develop an alternative option that will work at a lower budget or a tighter deadline.

With the design concept in place, our project managers will work to develop and build a set for you that is safe, stable, and easy to store. We figure risk assessments and other elements of occupation health and safety into every project we develop. A good set is always a safe set, and whether we are working with wood carpentry or metal fabrication, we will never sign off on a set build that isn’t safe to use.

Call Creative Works for Projects Anywhere in Australia

At Creative Works Australia, we do many of our set construction jobs in the Sydney area, where we are based. In Sydney, we have a 1,000-square metre production facility where we can design and build anything. However, we also have logistic partners nationwide, which means that we can provide set design and construction for you no matter where you are located.

Are you interested in learning more about how the Creative Works Australia team operates—particularly for projects outside of Sydney? Give us a call on (02) 9559 8992.

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