Set the Scene with Professional Set, Prop and Costume Creation in Sydney

Whether you are putting on a theatrical show or trying to create a more effective exhibition stand for your business, investing in professional set building, prop design or even costume creation in Sydney could prove to be an invaluable investment. While it’s easy to think of sets as little more than cardboard, paper and paint—or of props as cheap knick-knacks purchased from the dollar store—you can create a more compelling experience by going down the professional route.

At Creative Works Australia, we consider it our job to help you create and sell whatever experience you are putting together. It doesn’t matter if your project is a stage musical, the production design for a concert, a film set, or an elaborate holiday display at your retail store. Our team has been together for 12 years, and in that time, we have earned our place among the most talented and respect professionals for costume, prop, and set creation in Sydney. If you want to elevate your project and turn it into something truly impressive, we can help you accomplish the feat.

How We Do Set, Costume and Prop Creation in Sydney

When you hire Creative Works Australia to play a role in your project design, you can rest assured knowing that our craftspeople are going to put everything they have into developing your unique vision.

To us, costumes aren’t just cobbled together from second-hand garments, and we don’t build sets just from cardboard and plywood. On the contrary, our set building teams consist of professional sculptors, carpenters, metal fabricators and scenic artists. Our prop makers are craftspeople with a sharp eye for authentic detail. Our costumiers can handle anything, from period dress to the elaborate and highly imaginative costumes of a professional musical like The Lion King.

Indeed, at Creative Works, we will never shy away from challenging projects. Some design studios will turn down projects that are especially complex or daunting—especially set or costume ideas that have never been tried before or pulled off successfully. It’s within these challenging project spaces that we live and excel, though, and that factor sets us apart from other costume, prop and set creation teams in Sydney. We are willing to take on just about any challenge you might have kicking around your brain.

Find out If Your Ideas Are Workable: Give us a Call at Creative Works Australia Today

Perhaps you are working on a tight deadline for a new set build, and you want to know if you can accomplish what you want to do in the limited time frame. Maybe you have a costume or prop idea where the design and fabrication stages are likely to bring a high degree of difficulty.

In any case, if you have a design idea and want to find out how feasible it is, give us a call at Creative Works. Our set, prop and costume creators in Sydney are happy to speak with you about your project and let you know whether it can be done, particularly within your budget or timeframe. If your idea is workable, we can start talking about arrangements for the Creative Works team to take on the job. If your idea isn’t feasible, we can still give you advice on how you might tweak it to accomplish similar things with less money or less time.

Your most miraculous sets, props or costumes yet are just a phone call away. Get in touch with the Creative Works team today by dialling (02) 9559 8992.

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