Design a More Effective Entertainment Experience with the Help of Set, Prop and Costume Creators in Sydney

From film and television to professional and community theatre, all the way to commercials and promotional materials, aesthetic and detail play prominent roles the quality of the overall entertainment experience. Great actors and a strong script can go a long way towards selling a film or a piece of musical theatre. However, if you want to draw audiences into the world of your project, you are going to need more.

That’s where Creative Works Australia can help. We are an independent production house that employs some of the finest set creators, costume creators and prop creators in Sydney. With a wealth of experience and technical skills, we have become industry leaders in our niche since we first opened our doors 12 years ago. Today, we are a trusted partner for theatre companies, film production companies and entertainment groups. We also lend our skills to retail and FMCG, as well as to high-end brands looking to make a better impression at industry expo events.

Our Entertainment Resume

How can you trust that Creative Works will help you achieve the goals you’ve laid out for your entertainment project? Consider a few key pieces of our resume. Thanks to our reputation for having some of the best costume creators in Sydney, we have been able to work on some of the largest, most expensive and most acclaimed theatre productions ever to come to the area. We have been behind the costumes for elaborate shows like The Lion King, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. We have also played key roles in creating the puppets and costumes for huge international events, including Mardi Gras and five Chinese New Year celebrations.

In addition to these amazing contributions from our costume department, our prop creators and set creators in Sydney have also worked on theatre productions, film productions, and other projects to help build remarkable and beautiful worlds. Our sets and props are meticulously detailed and crafted to suit your vision so that you can more adequately create the story that you are trying to tell.

Get Started by Contacting our Costume, Set or Prop Creators in Sydney Today

If you have an entertainment project that you would like to see soar to the next level, take advantage of the expertise that Creative Works Australia can bring to the table. When you contact us about your costume, prop or set design needs, you can trust that we will be able to handle the work.

If you have existing designs, we can work from those plans to create a stunning finished product. If you have a general design idea or vision, but don’t have any actual plans to work from, no worries. We are happy to create your sets, costumes and props from scratch. Once you have the design, we can build the project in-house to make sure that all details and logistics match your hopes, wants, and needs.

Don’t settle for sub-par sets, props, or costumes that pull audiences out of the experience you are trying to create. Instead, call Creative Works and let our team of skilled craftspeople create a more fully realised vision. Get in touch by dialling (02) 9559 8992 today.

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